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Hi! Newbie here

I'm 35 years old, married and we have a nearly 3 year old little girl. My husband, daughter and I just recently moved in with his parents to help them though a tough time. We'll be living with them 6 months - 1 year.

We are also house hunting and while I hope to find a house with a nice backyard for gardening, right now my mother-in-law's backyard is smallish. She put a retainer wall on the hill in the backyard and added steps up to a patio swing, added a small play area for my daugther, and a beloved cat is buried there (a lovely little plot with a sleeping cat statue to mark it). Below this wall in the main part of the backyard is a small concrete patio and some grassy area.

I would like to have a garden because in our former house I was teaching my daughter about the Earth and caring for it through gardening. I would also like to develope habits that would give our little family a more self-sustainable life style.

We live just north of Atlanta, GA so we have warm weather until October. I would like to have a winter garden and it must be in pots for a couple of reasons. 1. I don't want to dig up my mom's yard and 2. I would like this to be something she and I do together even after we move out. (My mom-in-law would definately help me in this venture). I want to plant some flowers for beauty but also want to plant veggies and herbs. Herbs do great in pots and I know tomatoes do as well but what other veggies could I plant now and possibly have a small harvest before winter? What could I plant in the winter that I could see results come spring?

Thanks for any suggestions you might have. Blessed Be.
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