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Spreading my joy!

I know the weird weather has been giving a lot of the US fits this year, but I can't help but be personally grateful. Not only has the cooler weather made it more bearable for me physically (and for my electric bill), but I think it's one of the reasons my garden has been doing so well.

I'm really blessed that this is the site I see when I sit on my couch and look out:

And the far side of my Hanging Garden:

This is a side view of my balcony from the landing. That plant arching out over open space? My Black Krim tomato. The plant itself is about 6 1/2 feet from the top of the pot to the tip of the plant but the tip of the plant is nearly 9 ft from the balcony floor and leaning about 2 ft out over the railing.

And yes, there are tomatoes out there. I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to pick them. *G*

This big boy is one of my Black Krims:

Just to gauge size, the tomato it's sitting next to is one of the green ones that fell of when the plant tipped over (I'm pleased to say they're ripening nicely) and it's the size of a baseball (the smaller one).

More tomatoes!

And peppers!



And a pot with oregano, tarragon and garlic chives:

The 2 ft long window box of mint has been banished alone to the corner because it wouldn't keep its creeping little tendrils to itself. I found it trying to get a foot hold in the tub of basil.

My petunias are doing brilliantly again thanks to the BT spray to get rid of the budworms.

I'm so happy with my little pocket of paradise this year. I hope I can match it next year.
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