Zim Knits! (zimknits) wrote in patio_gardens,
Zim Knits!

Plants to neutralize smokey odors?

Hi all,
Long story short I recently moved into a townhome, and my new neighbors smoke like chimneys. (I have pretty nasty allergies to several types of cigs) I keep finding references to being able to grow plants that can neutralize these odors (yes, i've cleaned and done all that jazz, it's definitely wafting in from their place) but can't find any lists of plants that would be good for that purpose.

So, my question is, does anyone have any ideas for plants to grow (indoors or out, I do have two patios and a balcony I can utilize + already planning on putting veggie/herb garden on one of those three) in zone 8a or 8b (my area appears to be right near the border) that might be good for neutralizing odors?

And a random question, if you're in an apartment or townhome, what are your favorite plants to grow?

Thank you for any and all help in advance!

(and I hope this isn't a bother, but I will be cross posting to gardening and naturalliving, if it is I'll definitely delete those!)
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