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I'm so excited to have found this community!

My name is Mandy and I live in Zone 8B - Central Coast of California.  I have a long-suffering husband, a son who is my partner-in-gardening-crime and a sweet baby girl who just turned one.  Maggie Dog - who loves to roll in my freshly planted beds - rounds out our little family.

I'm a brown thumb gardener with big plans and little space.  (What I wouldn't give for an acre!  Or even a quarter of one!!)   I do what I can, which means that our yard has veggies tucked in nearly every possible spot and nearly every type of container. 

I've decided that learning to garden isn't like learning to ride a bike.  It's a life long process with a lot of failure and a little exhilirating success.   I joke that the plants that do survive my gardening attempts often do so in spite of my efforts not because of them. 

My main garden space is roughly the size of an office cubicle.  I try to practice square foot gardening, but then get a bit too excited and spoil my efforts by planting additional seeds just in case I accidentally kill everything off.  Beyond the main garden, I plant in the space between my postage stamp lawn and our fence line, in containers scattered on every available surface and hanging containers.  I was recently able to sway the majority to my side during a family vote and will be adding three raised beds along our in place of part of our little lawn next spring.  (Never underestimate the power of bribery.  Or a green bean teepee.)  I'll also be experimenting with planting strawberries vertically along a shady patch of fence.  

My pride and joy - beyond my children - is my espaliered six-in-one apple tree.  I love it so much I can just sit and stare at it.  I planted it last winter and hope that it'll start to produce within the next year or two.  It's beautiful.  I show it off to every visitor - even though their eyes start to glaze while mine brim with happiness.

I'm hoping to experiment with collonade fruit trees next year.  I have a 9'x8' patio off our bedroom which isn't doing anything.  I'm thinking...orchard.
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